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Read with Speed

by Lecturio GmbH
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Course Features

  • Certified by TÜV Rheinland
  • 1 Jahr Zugriff
  • Course Level: Beginner
  • Learning Extent: 3 hrs. 15 min.
  • Language: english
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Course Overview

About this online Course

With the help of this course you can double your reading rate and level of comprehension. In a study with 1,378 people using the PoweReading technique by bestselling author Zach Davis, the average reading speed was increased by 124.5% at a 4% higher comprehension rate.

Experienced trainer Zach Davis teaches you how to maximise your reading efficiency. Start saving time by improving your reading skills now! 

Learning content

  • Course Preview: PowerReading - Speed Reading Techniques Powe
  • Reading - Increase your Reading Speed
  • Fast reading and understanding texts
  • Text Structure and Visualization
  • Reproducing content and reading faster
  • Quiz „PoweReading© - Speed Reading Techniques“

Learning Contents

Summary of Learning Contents

Speed Reading 

timelapse 3 hrs. 15 min.
  • Course Preview: PowerReading - Speed Reading Techniques 
    extension interactive content
    timelapse 0 hrs. 02 min.
  • PoweReading - Increase your Reading Speed 
    extension interactive content
    timelapse 0 hrs. 51 min.
  • Fast reading and understanding texts 
    extension interactive content
    timelapse 0 hrs. 41 min.
  • Text Structure and Visualization 
    extension interactive content
    timelapse 1 hrs. 00 min.
  • Reproducing content and reading faster 
    extension interactive content
    timelapse 0 hrs. 41 min.


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