Interkulturelle Kompetenz

Intercultural Awareness

by crossculture academy GmbH
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Course Features

  • Certified by TÜV Rheinland
  • Access Time Lifetime Access
  • Course Level: Beginner
  • Learning Extent: 1 hrs. 30 min.
  • Language: english
Target Audiences:

Course Overview

About this online Course

Working together across cultural borders poses special challenges. These can sometimes have major and even dangerous effects. In this online course, you will learn the possible differences between cultures and with which model you can decode them.


For employees working internationally and for those who want to achieve better understanding, better interaction and success with international colleagues and partners.

Target group

Employees who work with colleagues, clients or business partners from abroad or will be dispatched overseas.

Learning objectives

In about 90 minutes you will learn to perceive intercultural differences, to increase your awareness and to adapt your behaviour in order to work successfully in an international business environment.

Learning Content

  • Culture and business
  • Definitions of culture and cultural models 
  • Intercultural competence: awareness – knowledge - application
  • Stereotypes and prejudices.
  • Self-image and public image
  • Cultural dimensions and cultural standards
  • Appropriate topics for small talk and presents for the host

Learning Contents

Summary of Learning Contents

Intercultural Awareness 

timelapse 1 hrs. 30 min.
  • Intercultural General Awareness 
    extension interactive content
    timelapse 1 hrs. 30 min.


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