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Outlook 2016 Basic, Advanced & Experts

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Course Features

  • Certified by TÜV Rheinland
  • Access Time 365 Tage/Days
  • Course Level: Beginner
  • Learning Extent: 5 hrs. 40 min.
  • Language: english
Target Audiences:

Course Overview

About this online Course

This online course Outlook 2016 for beginners, advanced and experts offers you an exceptional e-learning methodology in a virtual office application. Learn at your own pace and in your own order directly in the virtual application 'Outlook 2016'.

The course was developed by professional instructors with more than 27 years of experience and offers you varied, interactive multimedia lessons with video, audio and subtitles. Practical exercises with real time analysis of actions and results help you learn.

This online course can be used to prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam.


Discover the Outlook 2016 email program and learn to master all its functions. In this training course, you'll learn everything you can do with the software, from basic to expert functions.

No proprietary software is required for this online course. You will learn in a virtual environment directly in Outlook 2016.

Target group

For all users who want to learn or review the basics of Outlook 2016 and get to know expert functions.

Learning content

  • Things to know: Discovering an e-mail program
  • Environment of an e-mail program
  • Managing workspaces and accessing folders
  • Reading emails
  • Things to know: Accessibility
  • Creating and sending an e-mail
  • Things to know: Formatting characters
  • Managing the text of an e-mail
  • Spell check
  • Recipients in the address book
  • Inserting attachments to an e-mail
  • Items attached to an e-mail received
  • Replying to e-mails
  • Forwarding an e-mail
  • Printing e-mails
  • Delete an e-mail
  • The calendar in Outlook
  • Using the Reminder Window
  • Contacts in Outlook
  • Creating a task
  • Creating a note
  • Managing categories
  • Using the Help
  • Search for e-mails
  • Out of office notifications
  • Signature in an e-mail
  • Create an appointment or event
  • Appointments or recurring events
  • Personalize the calendar
  • Printing the calendar and its elements
  • Page setup of the print formats
  • Contact groups
  • Organize and sort contacts
  • Manage a task
  • Managing notes
  • Things to know: Selecting, copying and moving
  • Moving and copying items
  • Forwarding a contact by email
  • Customizing the view
  • Saving an item to the journal
  • Good to know: Customizing the ribbon
  • Things to know: The right way to work with e-mail
  • Arrange, sort, and filter emails
  • Managing folders
  • Search folders
  • Managing emails when sending
  • Message distribution options
  • Tagging for message tracking
  • Email templates or forms
  • Manage meetings
  • QuickSteps
  • Recall and resend an email
  • Electronic business card
  • Manage the conversation view
  • Manage the general email options
  • Things to know: Internet
  • Things to know: Viruses
  • Things to know: Outlook on the Web
  • Archiving e-mail
  • Optimizing the size of the mailbox
  • Exporting and importing a folder
  • Managing data files
  • Creating rules
  • Manage rules
  • Manage junk e-mails
  • Share a folder
  • Calendar groups
  • Share calendars

Learning Contents

Summary of Learning Contents

Outlook 2016 Basic, Advanced & Experts 

timelapse 5 hrs. 40 min.
  • Outlook 2016 Basic, Advanced & Experts 
    extension interactive content
    timelapse 5 hrs. 40 min.


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