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  • Teilnahmebescheinigung von TÜV Rheinland
  • Unbegrenzter Zugriff
  • Kursniveau: Einsteiger
  • Lernumfang: ca. 50 Minuten
  • Sprache: englisch
Berufseinsteiger Jobwechsler Unternehmer & Arbeitgeber Experte & Spezialist


Über den Online-Kurs

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook that allows you to collaboratively store information, organize your ideas and access the saved content from different devices. In this course, you’ll discover the essential features of the software. You will learn how to create, personalize, and – as a project becomes more complex – structure the content of your notebook. You will also learn how to use OneNote Clipper to take notes on web page content and effortlessly transfer them to the digital notebook. After completing the course, you will be able to easily and intuitively share your notes with colleagues and use the convenient interface to Microsoft Outlook.

OneNote helps you to cope with the daily influx of information by allowing you to store relevant data in one location. With OneNote, you can manage your files and easily share them with your team members.

Target Group

This course is designed for first-time users who want to integrate OneNote into their everyday working lives and learn more about its key features.

Learning Goal

Gain solid skills and advanced functionality in working with Microsoft OneNote.

Learning Content

In three sections the following content is covered in individual learning modules:

OneNote Basics

  • Discover OneNote – Create a collaborative notebook – 9 minutes
    Learn how to create a notebook in OneNote and share it with your colleagues to work on it together.
  • Personalize – Customize how you expand the notebook – 10 minutes
    In this lesson you will create pages, subpages and sections, customize sections and use page templates.
  • Keep your notebook in order – Restructure pages and sections – 10 minutes
    In this lesson you will learn how to structure your significantly grown notebook correctly. Rearrange or delete pages and sections for a better overview.

Working collaboratively in OneNote

  • Collaborating with others – Get an overview of the contributions of your colleagues – 4 minutes
    Learn how to work with different people on the same notebook in OneNote. Before you make important changes, review the work of your colleagues.
  • Collaborating with others – Sharing using Outlook – 10 minutes
    In this lesson you will learn how to insert meetings, define orders in the notebook or use a new feature to send notes to yourself.

OneNote Clipper

  • Browsers – Using OneNote Clipper – 8 Min.
    Discover OneNote Clipper, a tool that allows you to send notes to your notebook from any browser.


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Microsoft OneNote 

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