Diisocyanates T 070 - Preparation and formulation of products containing diisocyanates

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Course Features

  • Certified by TÜV Rheinland
  • Access Time 365 Days
  • Course Level: Beginner
  • Learning Extent: 1 hrs. 15 min.
  • Language: english
Target Audiences:
All Target Audiences

Course Overview

About this online Course

Training on diisocyanates for industrial and professional users in accordance with the REACH Regulation.

The European Commission adopted a training obligation on the handling of diisocyanates for all users in accordance with the EU REACH Regulation. This includes users who use diisocyanates for industrial and commercial purposes or who supervise these tasks. Training is intended to ensure the safe handling of diisocyanates.


  • You will receive training on the safe use of diisocyanates. 
  • With this training, you meet the requirements of the REACH regulation. 
  • You stay up to date.


Basic training on diisocyanates
  • Definition and chemistry of diisocyanates
  • Product labels and safety data sheets
  • Operating instructions
  • Hazards in handling diisocyanates
  • Exposure
  • Sensitization
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Hygiene risks and applications
  • Behavior and safety
  • Emergency response
  • Change Management
  • Disposal of packaging
  • Evaluation of safety instructions
  • National regulations and codes
Specific issues in the manufacture and modification of diisocyanates
Handling of open mixtures at ambient temperatures
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Cross contamination
  • Loading and unloading of tank trucks
  • Local exhaust gas venting: working with drums and intermediate bulk containers (IBC)
  • Quality control & laboratory; handling of (hot) open mixtures
  • Change management & maintenance
  • 'Empty' drums and IBCs
  • Behavioral safety

Target group

For individuals who use diisocyanates for industrial and commercial purposes or supervise these tasks.


After passing the exam, you will receive a certificate from the TÜV Rheinland Academy as proof of your expertise to employers and authorities.


  • To select the right module for the Diisocyanates training (e-learning), we recommend that you consult your safety expert for diisocyanates in advance.
  • With this module you fulfill the training obligation according to the REACH regulation.
  • Every five years you have to be trained again, for the first time until August 24, 2023.
  • You can also qualify as a "Safety Expert for Diisocyanates (TÜV)" and thus obtain the qualification to independently conduct training courses on the safe handling of diisocyanates. 
  • This module has been developed jointly with ISOPA and ALIPA.

Summary of Learning Contents

Diisocyanates - Preparation and formulation of products containing diisocyanates 

timelapse 1 hrs. 15 min.
  • General Training 
    extension interactive content
    timelapse 0 hrs. 45 min.
  • Production and Modification 
    extension interactive content
    timelapse 0 hrs. 30 min.
  • Quiz Level 2 
    extension interactive content


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