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Course Features

  • Certified by TÜV Rheinland
  • Access Time 365 Tage/Days
  • Course Level: Beginner
  • Learning Extent: 10 hrs. 16 min.
  • Language: english
Target Audiences:

Course Overview

About this online Course

Learn online with this award-winning Access 2016 e-learning course in a virtual environment with rich interactive videos, speaking, hands-on assignments, and progress monitoring.


Discover Access 2016, and learn to master all its features. In this training you will learn everything you can do with the software.

This online course does not require your own software. You learn in a virtual environment directly in Access 2016.

Target group

The course is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced users, as well as for anyone who wants to refresh their knowledge.

Learning content

Access 2016 for Windows: Working with databases

  • Opening the program
  • Using database templates
  • Getting to know the user interface
  • Customizing the user interface
  • Personalize the Access toolbar DeepL
  • Customizing the ribbon

Access 2016 for Windows: saving, printing, and exporting databases

  • Saving data
  • Save databases
  • Protecting your document
  • Print elements
  • Export databases
  • Sending databases by email

Access 2016 for Windows: tables, fields, and records

  • Understanding the structure of databases
  • Creating a table
  • Organizing items in a database
  • Inserting fields into tables
  • Customizing the format of fields
  • Customizing the properties of fields
  • Creating relationships between tables
  • Editing relationships
  • Recognizing relationships between data

Access 2016 for Windows: inserting, importing, and formatting data

  • Populating a table
  • Customize navigation commands
  • Using external data
  • Import the Outlook address book
  • Formatting data
  • Insert dropdown menus
  • Customizing field validation rules
  • Creating labels

Access 2016 for Windows: Finding and organizing data

  • Sorting data
  • Filtering data in a table
  • Using the search function
  • Replace data
  • Customizing the index
  • Detecting duplicates

Access 2016 for Windows: Creating forms and queries

  • Using the form wizard
  • Using different form types
  • Creating forms manually
  • Entering text into forms
  • Creating input fields
  • Inserting selection lists
  • Insert check boxes
  • Insert action buttons
  • Restructure forms
  • Adding form information
  • Formatting a form
  • Customize form properties
  • Create a simple query
  • Analyze queries in crosstabs
  • Perform simple calculations
  • Create a calculated field

Access 2016 for Windows: using the reporting and analysis tools

  • Creating a database report
  • Creating custom reports
  • Customize reports
  • Clean databases
  • Automatically analyze table contents

Learning Contents

Summary of Learning Contents

Access 2016 Beginners, Advanced & Experts 

timelapse 10 hrs. 16 min.
  • Access 2016 Beginners, Advanced & Experts 
    extension interactive content
    timelapse 10 hrs. 16 min.


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